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Desktop Still Dead

My desktop is still dead, and I hate hardware.

So, I put in the new motherboard, new 8G of RAM, 2 new CPUs, and 2 crappy CPU coolers. Then, I broke one of the CPU coolers (a dangling cable got pulled into the fan and snapped off two blades) and I'm still not getting any video output. I'll have to double-check the motherboard documentation, but I think I may have populated the RAM banks incorrectly.

Next, I'll replace the crappy cooler with a old 940 cooler and correct the RAM setup and then hopefully I'll have a desktop back. I code more with a desktop. I wouldn't have bought crappy coolers is I knew 940 coolers and AM2/AM2+/AM3 coolers would fit.

Hardware sucks. It doesn't give good feedback. It's really quite picky. Connectors inside the motherboard are designed for people with hands the size of matchbooks. Virtually none of it is developed in a Free Hardware culture, so you have to be really careful if you want to get all your hardware's features with only Free Software. Software's sharp corners confuse you until you round them off. Hardware's sharp corners make you bleed like a stuck pig (and heaven forbid that blood gets on a contact!), and the hardware stops working if you round those corners off.

I'm tired and crabby today. It doesn't help that I haven't had a cigarette yet. Actually, that might make it worse. I'd still be tired, but I'd also be hot and have an irritated throat. And, I might still be crabby.