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I'll be tweeting the results as they happen and playing my ElfDrazi deck.

Didn't tweet. Was a bit pissed at myself and not in the mood -- played poorly tonight.

Match 1: Vampires. 2-0. Couldn't find a Nocturnus first game. Turn 3 GSS, little by little for the win game 2.

Match 2: Jund. 0-2. I suck at Magic tonight. Bad plays result in a fairly easy win for him first game. I sideboard badly and don't get any better in game 2.

Match 3: Vampires. 0-2. Now, my deck decides hate me. First game I'm a turn too late w/ Eldrazi. Second game I have to Mull to 4. (6 and 5 had 0 land.) I still bet in good beats with a turn 2 GSS, but lose to an unanswered Nocturnus.

Match 4: Esper midrange. Barely beats me game 1 due to Nissa gaining me lots of life. I end up playing games 2 and 3 like a race and taking it 2-1. Opponent also probably tapped out too much.

Match 5: WW Kor. 2-1. Eldrazi and an Ant Queen = scoop, game 1. Game 2, get a nuts draw and kills me with a 5/3 double-striking Kor duelist, fast. Game 3 is my turn for a nuts draw, and a 7x kicked Warcaller lets my elves deal lethal.

3-2 for the night. Mostly my fault and not the deck's. I wasn't on my game tonight -- my clear misplays in match 2 shook me a lot.