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My New Phone

I purchased a Sprint HTC Hero at the end of last week. I love the apps that came on the phone, but am disappointed about other things.

While I don't get to write free software for a living, I refuse to write non-free software outside of work. I also tend to avoid using non-free software, although I haven't purged it from my life so far. Android caught my eye mainly because the source code is under a variety of licenses, all free. Now, the firmware that came on my phone isn't free -- it has various non-free enhancements from HTC and many non-free application installed by default. This doesn't bother me too much; I hardly expect HTC/Sprint to deliver a phone without their closed-source applications on it and I should be able to, in the near future, replace the firmware with something completely free.

Unfortunately, the Android SDK is under a non-free license. So, despite how awesome it would be to make a game under Android, I am asked to either trade away my freedoms or do without as nigh-essential tool. I'm choosing freedom; I refuse to accept the Android SDK Terms and Conditions as is. I may end up writing software for Andriod, but I won't be using the SDK to do it until they release it under a free license. Maybe this will help.

On a completely wonky tangent, I really wish Google would package their repo tool like a real app. instead of asking Linux users to download and run a random script off the Internet.