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Well, I've got a blog again.

I didn't do the upgrade from Drupal 5+PostgreSQL 7.3 via UNIX sockets; instead, this is just a new installation using Drupal and PostgreSQL from Debian Lenny. I'm not even sure if the old database is around. If you had an account before and want one again, drop me an email.

Anyway, new job since I brought the site down. More development oriented, which is good. Living arrangements are mostly the same. Car got totaled, but I fixed it up (or rather, paid to get it fixed) and I'm still driving it around.

I'm still running the same desktop system, but it is probably going to get an upgrade soon. I just need to price out something with at least 3 cores with 64-bit and virtualization support plus about 4Gi of RAM that will fit in my current case and accept my current add-on cards. (16x PCIe [x2, if possible], PCI-X x2). I'm only thinking upgrade because the current motherboard is sick (refuses to POST or give beep codes) probably due to bad caps.

Still running the same laptop. It's held up really well, I think. I did have to replace the screen the first year I had it, but that was a warranty replacement and clearly bad hardware--a stuck ROW of pixels. Since then, it's been dropped at least twice with no ill effects and everything I use on it has continued to function.

Sort of trying to quit smoking. At least, I want to get my addiction under control. Maybe that's not even possible with cigarettes. The score over the last few days is: Sat. 2; Sun. 2; Mon. 3. None so far today. I need to try and just do 0 for 3 days and the revisit the issue with a completely clear head probably. I know 2 of the 3 cigarettes I had yesterday were not as satisfying as I had hoped.

Anyway, hoping to blog more than I did last time.