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Magic Decks

My microblog was updated in near-real time for Friday Night Magic (FNM). This is my deck, plus one, since I has one request.

My New Phone

I purchased a Sprint HTC Hero at the end of last week. I love the apps that came on the phone, but am disappointed about other things.

How I Handle SPAM

It's a multi-pronged approach using F(L)OSS on Debian: Exim4, SPAMassassin, Dovecot, sieve, managesieve, and SpamCop.

Monster is ALIVE!

Monster is the name of my desktop that is now happily running again. I've also sold off all the 1TB disk drives that I replaced with 1.5TB drives.

My roomates rock.

One of my roommates was able to refurbish my old motherboard and it appears to work.

Desktop Still Dead

My desktop is still dead, and I hate hardware.

Busy Week

Between FreeGeek, dentist appointments, bills, and everything else, this week has been busy.

Still Lightheaded

That drinking contest last night was probably not the best idea. Still, thanks for buying, bro.

The "Perfect" APT Setup?

Over lunch I added a couple of pages to the site. The title refers to my APT Configuration page. The other is just a bit of information about what underlies this site, which I had to expand with documentation on how you can do the same.

Sleeping Poorly

I went to bed early last night and got up late this morning and I'm still completely drained.


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