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Shutting Down

Drupal is no longer packaged in Debian (buster) so I'm going to be removing it. I will see if the internet archive can crawl the site before I do that, but I'm not going to host an archive myself. I may throw up something else, but no promises.

Android Development with Scala, Eclipse, and Git on Debian Wheezy

Over the past 24 hours I took a bit of a diversion from my normal routine and decided I wanted to try my hand at developing for Android using Scala. Having heard good things about the ADT, I also wanted to use Eclipse. Of course, a VCS is required for any development work, and I am most familiar with Git. I ran into a few issues, but they are resolved and things are working well now, so I figured I'd write the process up for others.

No Problem, Boole

Conditionals are part of most programming languages. Haskell has been, at times, accused of being a complex language. Conditionals in PHP defy expectations. Conditionals in Javascript are similarly non-logical. In both, '==' is non-transitive and '===' is non-reflexive. It might be expected that conditionals in Haskell are beyond human comprehension. These tables tell a different story.

Conduits are not Monads

Pipes from the conduit package on hackage have a Monad instance that violates the monad laws.

More SPAM Fighting

More progress fighting SPAM both on MediaWiki and via email.

Haskell and System F-sub

I'm a pretty big fan of functional languages, Haskell in particular. I don't get to write enough of it. I found out about the Lambda Cube recently and it inspired some thoughts, particularly about research I might want to do if I went back to school at some point in the future. What follows is a bit of a brain dump around that.

Back to M:tG FNM

I'll be tweeting the results as they happen and playing my ElfDrazi deck.

That First Hand

This article is about your first hand, and gives hard data on how many lands you want to run in your 60 card deck.

Magic Playtesting

I play Magic: the Gathering fairly regularly. However, I also hold a steady job, am on the board of a not-for-profit organization, and spend too much time in front of both my email and the TV. So, my deck suffers from a lack of play-testing at times.

Play-testing is very time consuming. A match (best 2 of 3 games) of Magic can easily take an hour. If there are 6 other "top-tier" decks in the format you are playing, and you play each of them 20 matches, that's 120 hours, more waking hours than are in most weeks.

Registration Disabled

SPAM bots have been registering, which is filling my inbox with useless crap. If you want an account, just email me. I've also gone through and deleted a bunch of users. If you find you can't login, I may have deleted you. If you are a real person, simply email me and I'll create a new account for you.


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